Virtual Ed Consultancy Does Not Make Guarantees.


Virtual Ed Consultancy service is offered to help students plan, access and apply to their best-fit college, as well as prepare for retention and on-time or early graduation.

Serving home school, online and independent students, as well as traditional and non-traditional students. Service is also available for schools in need of independent college advising for their students.

Plans also include academic course planning, college search based on student interests and needs for best-fit options, admission requirement updates and reminders, intro to first college semester advising, and more.

Virtual Ed Consultancy is holistically advising educational journeys.

College Friends


Being prepared for college academic rigor is greatly important for student success, retention, and confidence in a challenging learning environment.

Virtual Ed Consultancy's college readiness plan offers prep tutorials for academics and standardized-tests for college admission and placement. Provides test date reminders, study skills tutorials, and college survival techniques.


Online courses for college credit will be offered again in the future. This is a great opportunity for students needing to satisfy prerequisites or get ahead in their college academic plan for early or on-time graduation. Online tutoring for some of these courses will be available.

Good Grades
Partnering with students to strategically plan for their academic success, as well as aid in connecting with their college campus resources and industries.
Virtual Ed Consultancy does not replace college support systems. However, it is external support and ally to reinforce student success, retention, and on-time or early graduation.
Some students might encounter reasons to drop out of college. A strategic plan can be offered to revise an existing or create a new academic plan to continue on the path of earning a college degree.